Patient Portal

The patient portal is designed to improve the timeliness and quality of our communication with you. We highly recommend that you sign up for the portal. You must log into the portal your first time from a computer and not a smart phone.

The portal will allow you to:

  • Request non-urgent medical advice
  • Schedule Established and Hospital Follow up appointments
  • Obtain visit summaries
  • Order medication refills
  • View lab results

If you have provided our office with an email address, you will automatically be enrolled in this exciting feature however, you must login to complete your enrollment. Please follow the directions in the email and contact our office with any questions. There is also a mobile app called HEALOW or HEALOW MOM available to download for free that gives you access to the above portal functions through your phone.

Call Center

All patients experiencing an emergency should immediately call 911 and NOT the office. Calling the office will delay your care and prevent you from being treated timely. The more information you can give to whomever is taking your message or listening to your concerns, the better and faster we can assist you. Please be respectful when speaking to the staff, we are here to help you with your health care concerns.

  • To schedule an office visit and/or testing, please call our main phone number (303) 750-0822. Please select option 1 for the Aurora office and then select option 1 to schedule an appointment.
  • For your safety, please direct all URGENT messages to the RN in the call center. Please press option 1 for the Aurora office and option 3 when calling in to speak to the nurse.
  • Please use the patient portal for all non-urgent messages ONLY. The staff and providers can respond faster to portal questions and it is the preferred way to communicate with your provider. Register for the portal today and begin your experience with our practice.
  • If you have left a message in the call center before 3:30 PM, all calls will be returned the same day. Any voicemails left after 3:30 PM will be returned the morning of the following business day.

Medication Refills

Prescriptions that are prescribed after an office visit may take 24 hours to be filled by your pharmacy.

Samples are intended to help patients intermittently and not intended to replace prescriptions. Please call the office before stopping in for samples. We need 24 hours to have samples ready for any patient. If you are not picking up the samples, please make sure we have your designated care givers name on your HIPAA form so we can hand the samples to them. The office cannot hand out samples to anyone who is not on our HIPAA form.

  • All medication refill requests should be initiated with your pharmacy. The office has to send your medications electronically to the pharmacy. Please call the pharmacy first before calling the office.
  • Do not wait until you run out of medications, please call your pharmacist at least one week before you run out. All refill requests can take up to 72 hours.
  • Did you know that you can also request medication refills through the patient portal? Make sure you sign up today!

Lab/echo/nuclear/treadmill and holter/event results

All test results including Labs, Treadmills, Nuclear/Lexiscan, Echocardiogram and Holter/Event Monitors results can take 4-6 business days to be processed. Some special send out tests take longer, for example genetic testing could take 2-3 weeks to get results back.

Follow all instructions given to you by the practice when scheduling for tests. If instructions are not followed you will most likely have to reschedule your test for another day. Please call with questions if you have not received instructions when scheduling: (303) 750-0822

If your primary doctor (PCP) ordered the test your PCP must give you the test results. If you have not been seen by an ADCA provider within 3 years, you are considered a new patient to the office.

Please keep any appointments scheduled with your provider for reviewing lab/diagnostic results and discussing changes to your care. Our providers will rarely make care decisions over the phone or portal with you.

At each visit, you should always bring a photo id, an insurance card, a current list of your medications and any co-pay if the insurance requires.

Referrals and prior authorizations: you must bring a referral from your PCP if your insurance company requires an insurance referral do not delay your visit, you may be asked to reschedule if we do not have the referral before your visit. If you changed your insurance plan since your last visit, please bring in your current insurance card so we can update your records so you do not receive a bill due to not having the correct information.

Referring you to a “specialist” may require an insurance referral prior to being seen. If you are a self-referred patient, you will be asked to check with your insurance company prior to being seen. We are ensuring you do not require an insurance referral and we are trying to prevent you from receiving a bill.

Please allow 7 days (depending on insurance company) to receive a referral. The office may ask you to contact your physician’s office if we do not receive a referral before your scheduled visit. We contact your PCP office three times before asking you to help so we would like to thank you in advance for your assistance.

  • Some insurance companies require a referral to be seen in our office, please allow 7 business days to receive this approval back from you insurer. The office is dependent on your PCP and your insurance company so we cannot speed their process up.
  • Please understand if you are seen without a referral in place through your insurance company, your visit may not be covered and you will be responsible for the bill.
  • Prior authorization may be required for imaging/procedure orders, medications and/or treatments. The office will try to get this authorization for the patient but the office may need to call you for more information. Helping the office get your necessary information will help your overall experience and prevent you from receiving any unnecessary bills.

Appointment scheduling

Please call our office, use the patient portal or schedule online to make an appointment. If you do not receive a confirmation by phone, your appointment request was not processed properly so please call the office to verify your appointment. On occasion, the online appointments conflict with actual schedule availability so the office will call you to arrange a different appointment if this situation occurs.

Please confirm your appointment by pressing option 1 when called by our automatic reminder system. If you do not confirm your appointment, the office will continue to send reminder calls and text messages until confirmed.

We ask that you notify our office by phone 1 business day prior to your appointment if you are not able to make your scheduled visit. A patient could be asked to leave the practice if they continue to NO SHOW for appointments or cancel their visits under 24 hours.

Billing Questions

The office is asking all patients to call (888) 422-7720 with concerns related to your current bill or past statements.

Patient experience survey

We strive for exceptional patient care and satisfaction. We kindly ask for a few minutes of your time to take our survey after your visit.

If there is any reason why we did not meet your expectations of the office, please call our office at (303) 597-4230.